We are very excited to tell you that we officially signed our first record deal with Reaper Entertainment Europe. We finally found the right label to release our upcoming album worldwide. This is going to be awesome! :D

As you can see in this trailer we started a little party in our rehearsal room right after we signed the deal.
Stay tuned and ... don’t fear the reaper! :D


Delay Explanation

Hello dear friends and Christmas-Elvellonians,
Today we’ll get back to you personally with a little video, which shall give you a short glimpse of the upcoming album.
However, we would like to give you an understanding of why we unfortunately can’t realize a release this year.
We sincerely hope that we can enjoy your patience a little longer after watching. We wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts!

Merry Christmas!


The last recordings and mixing

By now some time has passed, which we have eagerly used to enhance the album with an extended instrumentation. This includes for example a lot of drumming and dreamy violins, which raise the songs to a new sound level.

To save some time, we have already begun to mix the songs at the same time. Now that the last recordings are done, the completion of the album lies at hand and we are blown away by the result! We can promise: You have never heard Elvellon like this before!

Until we can finally send you the finished CDs, there are still many small and big steps to make. Some of you have already expressed their annoyance or their tormenting curiosity concerning the long and agonizing wait. We apologize for the delay and would like to refer to a soon to be released video in which we say a few words in a more personal way. We will also present you the first results. So be curious! It will be uploaded around the holidays on the usual channels.

Short break

After a long time we’ll play our first show at the Long Heavy Night on September 23 in Eschwege. Therefore we’ll pause the work on our album for a short time in order to rehearse appropriately. However, this little interruption comes not at all inconvenient, for it is a welcome change :) Greetings to you from our rehearsal room!

And don’t forget: Already a month later - on the 27th of October - we play together with Haggard at the Rose and Crown Festival in Oberhausen (germany).




Elvellon is a very promising newcomer-band from the German Symphonic Metal scene. Through a combination of orchestral sound, hard riffs and the extraordinary voice of frontwoman Nele the five musicians hit right at the heart of the listener. If one lets himself be carried off into their world of magic, he will find a journey between childish wonder and hard hearted bitterness.

Even though they have clearly defined musical roots, Elvellon try not to serve a specific scene, but rather let themselves be guided by the music itself. Their lyrics show a range of snapshots in a dreamlike story, in which anyone can find himself in.


In early 2013 the band began an intense working phase, the fruits of which were shown in November of the same year in front a big live-audience. The response was so overwhelming that the band put all the gained motivation into the creation of their first CD. After the release of the two online singles „Oraculum“ and „Born From Hope“ the self-recorded 5-track EP „Spellbound“ came out on the 30th of January 2015, which was released as a physical disc as well as in digital form. Following that they have received consistent positive feedback in form of online-reviews and fanmail.

If you want to experience Elvellon live, you should be prepared for a show full of cinematic magic and a passionate performance you shouldn´t miss out on! 

Nele Messerschmidt


Year of birth: 1994

Musical Background:

I come from a musical family where nearly everyone plays an instrument or sings. From a young age I grew up with music and was part of many different musical projects here and there.

Sometime when I was still quite young I found out that singing also functions like a kind of outlet for me and so I began to take my hobby serious, always looking for new musical experiences. One of them was finally Elvellon, something that began as an Intermezzo and than became something bigger and more important to me.


Inspirations for me are foremost good talks with substance, as well as relaxation and a lot of sun, the sea or a walk through the woods. Also I like to suck in every detail that nobody talks about and sometimes it can be a meaningful dream or a cool beer after a hard days` work.

Gilbert Gelsdorf


Year of birth: 1988

Musical Background:

Quickly after being born my development was shaped by musical education and many years of classes with different instruments. Over the years this lead to me spending more time in bandpractice than in school. I already had my first metal band Ravian when I was 14 and I have stayed pretty true to that genre. 2010 we shared the rehearsal room with a band called Elvellon. Two years later I then joined them.


Where it comes from exactly, I can only guess. Probably for the most part from the music that I listen to. Be it metal, movie soundtracks or folk: Music always inspires me. And then there is the phenomenon that only occurs when I´m holding an instrument in my hand. You suddenly get kissed by a muse and you think to yourself: „Wow, that sounds really awesome. What did I just play?“ :)

Maddin Klüners

Drums and Percussion

Year of birth: 1991

Musical Background:

I think my musical interest got me when I was about 12 years old. Because I was always very excited by drums in some soundtracks or songs and I always liked to beat on all kinds of different things, I decided to actually start playing the drums properly.

At the beginning of 2010 I got the offer from Pascal to play with him in the fully equipped rehearsal room of Ravian, a band from Moers. Of course I didn´t let this opportunity slip by and so we met many times during the week, in which I really started to play the drums. Out of this small and inconspicuous idea grew regular rehearsals and with that the foundation for what was to become Elvellon.


Inspiration in my eyes is a word that can have an endless amount of facettes and sources. In my case it´s already things like the sunrise or sunset, wide open green, waters and in general everything in connection with nature. Also it´s movies, music, sounds, smells, places that I know from my youth, people and so much more that can take my worries and the negativity about a lot of things away and let me see new „horizons“.

Pascal Pannen

Keyboard/ Piano

Year of birth: 1992

Musical Background:

I do not really have a sophisticated background, because I never went to music lessons or had private ones. Since I started making music with 13 years I learned from watching professional musicians and mostly taught myself. In those days I mostly grabbed a bass and played my favourit songs. Through what I played I gained more and more knowledge about musical theory like for example scales. Over the years I practised like this until I decided to learn the Keyboards and Piano. What began as a hobby has developed to a proper passion, which I can live out to the maximum in the band.


I let myself be inspired by feelings mostly, be it the nicer ones or the bad. To form a completely new story out of your own memories and to internalize every stimulus while doing that. This is helped of course by listening to your favourite music or to simply take a nap.

Philipp A. Kohout


Year of birth: 1992

Musical Background:

My musical way began when I was a kid with the drum lessons I took. With 14 I then discovered the guitar for me – but first only on the plastic instruments with Guitar Hero. When I got my first electric guitar I practised for hours on those six chords. Over the years I played in many different bands in the genres rock and metal. Later I joined the band Ravian from Moers as a guitarist and one day Gilbert, who also played for Ravian, asked me if I could imagine doing the E-Bass for Elvellon – that I could.


Inspiration always requires for me that something really touches me. In absolutly all cases that is true with rain and stormy weather, because my parents always let me and my now-deceased brother play outside in the rain and storm. Big personal blows, philosophy, injustice and an overwhelming form of sorrow or fear also spark my creativity and fantasy. And at last I let myself be inspired by movies and videogames, be it from my youth or new releases.




Releasedate: 18. Oktober 2013

Only digital


Born from hope

Releasedate: 13. August 2014

Only digital



Releasedate: 30. Januar 2015

Digital & CD